Escape Room

The most exciting escaperoom near Amsterdam by Paintball Jungle. In Zaanstad you can find the nicest escaperoom of the Netherlands. Puzzel your way to freedom. This Escape Room isn’t just 1 room, but a complete building with 5 different spaces and you have to go through them all !

The escaperoom is unique and the KGB / prison theme gives an exciting atmosfere that brings you the ultimate experience.
This cell complex has an isolation cell, a medical cell, an interrogation room and even a morgue.

Nothing is what it seems, the do and think parts follow each other quickly and they provide many exciting moments where collaboration is paramount.

On completion you will receive a free drink in our cozy bar/restaurant or on the terras.
Obviously you have the oppertunity to order a nice snack with it.

As a Spy you will be locked up (in-)voluntarily with you best team. Your task is to decipher a predecessor’s clues, find the map, break out and in the meantime find the codes keys on the way to your freedom. A heavy task for you have only 1 hour for all this and the utmost will be demanded of all your senses.
This KGB prison complex is not for the faint of heart and the puzzles are not easy.
Hints can be given in different ways, but you don’t get them just like that.

The most exciting escape room near Amsterdam from Paintball Jungle in Zaanstad.
Opened every day from 11:00 a.m. untill 10:00 p.m..

Up to 4 pers. € 95,-
5 pers. € 117,50
6 pers. € 140,-
7 pers. € 162,50
8 pers € 185,-

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