Play Airsoft

Paintball Jungle has the most exciting and comprehensive Airsoft venue in the Netherlands. We offer an extensive package and unprecedented facilities in a wide range of airsoft arrangements. 12 fields for Airsoft battle to the max

Book for 6 persons or more
Price: € 50,- p.p. including complete equipment
2 hours playing time
Unlimited ammo


All our arrangements include:

  • Play on 12 different, uniquely thematised fields
  • You have exclusive access to the playing field, you won’t be joining other groups
  • Spectacular missions and assignments
  • Qualified guidance
  • Extensive facilities
  • Complete equipment, with a professional airsoft rifle, a full face mask with ‘anti-fog’ lens and a clean camouflage overall
  • book from 6 persons(18+)
  • Opened from 10am till 10pm. After sunset our fields are lit.

We do not allow you to use your own consumptions or ammunition

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Let us know why you are visiting us!

The reason why you book at Paintball Jungle can always be different. If you visit us with your colleagues you might have different expectations then when you are visiting us with a stag party. We offer different scenarios for each group. For example, with a stag party we offer a bunny suit for the stag to play in free of charge! So let us know when you are filling out our booking form what the reason is you are visiting Paintball Jungle!