The Park

The new park of Paintball Jungle is situated in Wormerveer, only 15 minutes away from Amsterdam. The park lies directly besides the train station, so it is very easy to reach by a direct train line from Amsterdam, Utrecht, Gouda and Rotterdam.

Paintball Jungle offers paintball programs for over 20 years. Our old facility, which was open till the end of 2011, was famous for its themed playing field and relaxed atmosphere. Thousands of visitors from all over the Netherlands and Europe visited us and got to know the famous playing fields like Headhunters Village, Boot Camp and Ghost Town.

The Park

The new Paintball Jungle

Since the summer of 2012 Paintball Jungle has moved to a completely new paintball venue. Only 15 minutes from the Dam in Amsterdam, our new location offers a better paintball experience. Although we offered a lot of people an unforgettable day at our old location, the new park offers even a better product for our customers.

The new location offers, among other:

  • 12 different, themed playing fields. We took every element that was good at our old park, and took it to the next level. Famous fields, like Headhunters Village and the Fortress, came back but in a new, upgraded way. We also took all of our 20 years of experience and designed completely new field themes, like a fishermands village on poles and a bridge through no mans land.
  • a wide range of new facilities. At the old park we where literally ‘in the middle of nowhere’. This meant that we had to make do with very limited facilities. Simple port-a-potties, no running water or changing rooms. At the new park, this situation has ended. In our visitors building you can now find separate changing rooms for male and female, complete with showers, rooms to freshen up and normal toilet facilities.
  • a large bar/ restaurant with big terrace. In the completely new Jungle Bar we offer you seating indoors, a well stocked bar with a large selection of soft drinks, beer and wine and a choice in food and drinks. We are open all year long. When it gets a little colder, you can take a seat in the heated Bar. With sunny conditions you can sit outside on the huge terrace.

Check out our gallery for pictures of all the playing fields and facilities. If you are excited about visiting us, place your online booking today!