What is paintball?

“All geared up with a pair of goggles, camouflage clothing and a paintball marker you slowly move through a thick forest. Then you see a big jungle village about 40 feet in front of you. Your mission is to overthrow this village together with your team mates. Carefully you move forward, but suddenly your position gets attacked by two enemies sitting in the tower to your right. You call for help, but it is all ready too late..”

No, this isn’t a scene from a action film but something that occurs daily at the biggest and most exciting paintball park in the Netherlands , Paintball Jungle near Amsterdam. So what is paintball? A fun competitive team shooting sport for all.


Like a lot of exciting games, paintball find its origin in the United States of America . Since its introduction in the Netherlands , almost 30 years ago, Paintball Jungle is offering this attractive and active form of leisure time.

The setup of the game

Paintball, the game with pellets filled with colours, is an activity for all ages. This strategic game is played in ruff and rugged terrain that is fitted with various bushes, buildings, bunkers and so on. The players, dressed in camouflage clothing, are divided into two teams. The object of the game depends on what kind of field you are playing. This can be to capture the flag of your enemy, to protect the president or to conquer a fortress. Your enemies get eliminated once you hit them with a paintball, special gelatine balls that are environmentally friendly and 100% bio degradable. Every game lasts about 15 minutes and is being supervised by one of our qualified marshalls.


Safety is one of the most important subjects here at Paintball Jungle. That is why you receive a full safety -and game instruction before you can get on the field. After the instruction you receive your equipment and are the teams formed. Before you actually start the game you get a change to get to handle your paintball marker at our shooting range.

The Paintball game

The rules are simple. Once you are hit by a paintball, you are ‘hit’. At this point you need to leave the playing field. By eliminating opposing players your teams can get a strategic advantage and thus capturing the flag. But getting up in numbers does not always mean you win the game! A wrong decision or not paying enough attention can cost you dearly. The team that conquers the opposing flag first and succeeds in returning to their own base, gets to be the winner. If you visit Paintball Jungle you get to play numerous of these games on the eight different playing fields we have. That way, if you loose a game you can always get your revenge!
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